NERCT 2016 only 10 days away!

The organizers of NERCT 2016 are finalizing the preparations for this year’s edition in Abuja, for what promises to be the largest NERCT yet. Programs, participant material and exhibitor logistics are being completed to ensure that all visitors and participants can maximize their enjoyment of the event.

Speakers at this year’s event include representatives of the Nigerian government, various Nigerian security organisations such as the NPF and NSCDC, or civilian institutions such as FAAN and the University of Lagos. Also speaking are private actors of the security sector such as Gelvenor and MOSECON, who will share their international insights on Nigerian security issues.

As Nigeria faces numerous and various security threats, NERCT aims to contribute to solving these issues with local and international actors, complementing ideas, practices and resources to help Nigerians turn the tide.

NERCT is held in Abuja on October 6-7. Visiting exhibitor hall is free. To register for participation, please use our contact form.