NERCT 2021 “Between Fear, Bias and Reality” – online

The first NERCT series event this year took place online on April, 7th, focusing on the role of disinformation in the management of the pandemic and for the vaccination campaign in Nigeria.

The esteemed panelists offered their insights on the functioning of the Corona vaccines, where to find credible information and how to process it. The panel also discussed how disinformation surrounding the virus works, what the media’s role is in potentially spreading misinformation and how legal regulations could protect Nigerian citizens from the intentional dissemination of false information.

In addition, the panelists addressed useful strategies and techniques (not only for Nigerians) on how individuals, journalists, religious leaders or the government can to tackle the spread of disinformation and improve media literacy in general. Finally, the experts discussed the importance of being aware of our own confirmation biases when processing information.

Please contact us to listen to the introductory keynote by Uzoma Ikechukwu Kingsley, the full statements and discussion between Dr. Olayemi Dawodu (starting at min 05:40), Mr. David Ajikobi (starting at min 19:50), Dr. Cheluchi Onyemelukwe (starting at min 41:00) and moderator Dr. Anthony Okeregbe below.

Further online events for the Nigeria Emergency Response and Counter-Terrorism workshop (NERCT) 2021 are planned for June and October. To receive information on the series, please contact us by e-mail at info(at) and you can also follow us on Twitter: @NERCT2021.