NERCT 2022 “Deradicalisation & Reintegration of Terrorists / Bandits in Nigeria”- online

The first NERCT series event in 2022 was held on April, 26th, focusing on the deradicalisation and reintegration process of terrorists and bandits in Nigeria. Please contact us to listen to the presentations of Dr. Jimam Lar, Assoc. Prof. Wilfred Terlumun Uji and Dr. Uju Agomoh. To receive information on the event series, please contact us by e-mail at info(at) and you can also follow us on Twitter: @NERCT2022.

THE FIRST NERCT SERIES EVENT 2021 “Between Fear, Bias and Reality”, April 7th

The first NERCT series event this year is scheduled online for Wednesday 7th April, 2021, 3:30pm (Lagos), 4:30pm (CET). The event will discuss pandemic disinformation and how it impacts the vaccination campaign in Nigeria. The theme “Between Fear, Bias and Reality” covers scientific breakthroughs on COVID-19 vaccines as well as governmental strategies to communicate total and partial lockdowns to their citizens. Continue reading THE FIRST NERCT SERIES EVENT 2021 “Between Fear, Bias and Reality”, April 7th

NERCT 2016 Recap

NERCT2016 recap

On October 6-7, the Modern Security Consulting Group MOSECON GmbH and its Nigerian partner Kingsyn Crystal Investments Ltd organised the third edition of the Nigeria Emergency Response and Counter-Terrorism Workshop (NERCT). Held in Abuja’s Sheraton Hotel, the event brought together over 30 security practitioners and representatives to find solutions that can contribute to improving security in Nigeria. Both days featured presentations on topics such as counter-terrorism, intelligence, youths in the Niger Delta, critical infrastructure security, or the use of dogs in the security sector. Speakers came from all regions of Nigeria and the world and featured Dr Emmanus Odikaesieme of Selemma Industrial (Nigeria); Derek Yegambaram of Gelvenor Textiles (South Africa); Continue reading NERCT 2016 Recap