NERCT 2016 Recap

NERCT2016 recap

On October 6-7, the Modern Security Consulting Group MOSECON GmbH and its Nigerian partner Kingsyn Crystal Investments Ltd organised the third edition of the Nigeria Emergency Response and Counter-Terrorism Workshop (NERCT). Held in Abuja’s Sheraton Hotel, the event brought together over 30 security practitioners and representatives to find solutions that can contribute to improving security in Nigeria. Both days featured presentations on topics such as counter-terrorism, intelligence, youths in the Niger Delta, critical infrastructure security, or the use of dogs in the security sector. Speakers came from all regions of Nigeria and the world and featured Dr Emmanus Odikaesieme of Selemma Industrial (Nigeria); Derek Yegambaram of Gelvenor Textiles (South Africa); Continue reading NERCT 2016 Recap

NERCT 2015 – Training Program Review


In 2015, the world continued to experience the spill-over effects of the conflicts that started at the beginning of the century. The wars waged in Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Libya, Yemen or South Sudan are dictated by outside elements. Terrorism, fully embodied by the far-reaching tentacles of the Islamic State has made its presence felt on every continent, but especially in France, Mali, the Horn of Africa, the Middle-East and Nigeria. The dangers we face are everywhere, furtive and seemingly ready to strike at any time. Few countries in the world understand this better than Nigeria. The violence of Boko Haram – now known as Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) Continue reading NERCT 2015 – Training Program Review

NERCT 2015 welcomes Participants to its Training Program


On December 3 and 4, the organisers of NERCT 2015 will welcome participants to its two day training program on security and counter-terrorism. Supported by Puzzles Group and chaired by MOSECON Africa’s managing director Uzoma I. Kingsley, the training will focus on intelligence gathering and analysis, terrorism and counter-terrorism tactics, risk management and professionalism in the security industry. Aiming to contribute practically to Nigeria’s security, this is the first of a series of training events organised as part of the NERCT workshops and offers the opportunity for experienced security professionals to obtain high quality training. Should you or your company be interested in taking part in the NERCT Training Program, Continue reading NERCT 2015 welcomes Participants to its Training Program