2nd Edition of NERCT to be held in October in Abuja

The Modern Security Consulting Group MOSECON GmbH, based in Berlin, Germany and with office in Lagos, Nigeria, will be hosting the 2nd edition of the Nigeria Emergency Response and Counter-Terrorism Workshop (NERCT) in Abuja on October 8-9th, 2014.

Building on the success of the first edition, the objective of this event is to bring together Nigeria’s top decision makers, investors, researchers and security personnel to discuss and implement measures that will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of emergency responders, limit the impact disasters have on lives as well as develop a sound and effective approach to counter-terrorism.

This event will include presentations and workshops by leading Nigerian and international experts in the field of security, and will also feature renowned exhibitors.

Panel topics include:

  • Combating global terrorism in the 21st century
  • Countering terrorism and insurgency in Nigeria
  • Creating synergy among security agents to increase effective policing
  • Insurgency and terrorism in Africa
  • Emergency response management
  • Aviation security
  • Media and propaganda in terrorism
  • The cost of insecurity for the private sector and citizens


Chairing the workshop on counter-terrorism is Yan St-Pierre, CEO and consultant on counter-terrorism of MOSECON GmbH, who is well known for his renowned forward thinking and innovative approaches to security. The counter-terrorism workshop will be centered on the following topics:

  • Understanding the terrorist mind: identity and symbols
  • Efficient and intelligent use of surveillance technology
  • Developing effective and accurate profiling
  • Developing and implementing deradicalisation programmes
  • Developing an efficient political approach to counter-terrorism

The workshop on emergency response will be conducted by MOSECON GmbH consultant Cpt. Alain St-Pierre (RTD), most decorated firefighter in Canadian history and world renowned expert on emergency response management. The emergency response workshop will address the following topics:

  • Developing effective building codes and regulations
  • The important of fire prevention
  • Using new technology in alarm transmission
  • Building adequate strike forces for emergencies
  • Building team work and communication between emergency responders
  • Evacuation management in the tourism industry

The 2nd edition also provides the opportunity for business to exhibit their products and services to would be clients during the event.