NERCT 2016 in Abuja in October

The third edition of the Nigeria Emergency Response and Counter-Terrorism Workshop (NERCT) will be held in Abuja on October 6-7, 2016. Once again, members of the Nigerian and international security communities are invited to discuss and find solutions to Nigeria’s security problems. The workshop is hosted by Kingsyn Crystal Investments Ltd (Lagos) and MOSECON GmbH (Berlin).

In 2016, it seems Nigeria is facing more threats than ever. Fuel shortages, economic problems, insurgencies in the north-east and in the Delta, communal and political violence, radical groups and a rapidly rising crime rate, all of which increase the insecurity surrounding Nigerians. It is under these dire circumstances that NERCT is taking place, in the hope of significantly helping Nigerians overcome these threats and build a safe and prosperous Nigeria.

NERCT’s panels allow practitioners and academics to share their knowledge and experience, while the workshops offer opportunities for training and acquiring new skills. This year’s panels include:

  • Partnership of terrorism and organized crime: The real cross-border threat
  • Defeating Boko Haram: Beyond military actions
  • Political handling of insurgencies: how to maintain credibility and keep the upper hand
  • Challenges facing multinational military cooperation
  • Why is quick and effective emergency response so important?
  • Dealing with arson in mega-cities: Improving fire-fighter response & prevention
  • Emergency responders and violence: Maintaining effectiveness in chaos
  • The role of media in conflicts
  • The cost of insecurity for the private sector and citizens
  • The importance of credible political marketing in the era of social media
  • Challenges and needs to protect critical infrastructure: Airport and port security
  • Women’s role in Nigerian security

Workshops will focus on counter-terrorism and improving emergency response, offering concise advanced training to practioners of the security industry.

The list of Nigerian and international speakers attending the event will be available soon and updated regularly.

As in 2015, NERCT offers exhibitor space to companies and organizations that wish to promote their products, as well as sponsoring opportunities. For more information, please view the exhibitor page.

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